I practice yoga, meditation, dance.... I believe in self sufficiency when it comes down to wellbeing and that through regular practice one should not need to go to a practitioner to be "Fixed" or made feel better... Well... James told me: "Sometimes you just need to relax and let someone else do the work for you", so I did. James will make you feel at ease straight away and make sure of you being comfortable with the treatment all the way through it. I have suffered with back issues for over 20 years and other little pains here and there caused by various injuries, which I would feel particularly in the mornings, and is precisely in the morning after the treatment that I realized how deeply the treatment had affected me! I felt 20 years younger and almost no pain!!! Thank you James!


          James! Lovely to meet you yesterday and I just wanted to let you know my back feels
          amazing I did yoga this am and it felt like I was in someone else's body! Lot more flexible
          and no pain at all!

          Financier 01/05/19

          James Chapman's yoga for stress is just amazing. His deep experience with yoga and
          its impact on the nervous system really comes across in class.

          Anon. triyoga Camden June 5 19